Medium Description

During all the trials and tribulations after the RIFT, the event creating the global phenomena of the Rifters, a strong culture of Tattooing emerged amongst the camps the Rifters were being "treated" in. The early Rifter Tattooists found out that they can strengthen and control the connection the Neon provides. By now, this culture has ingrained itself in the Rifter identity. How exactly they deal with it differs greatly between the different Philosophies but still - the tattoos connect them. The small tattoo studio in the district is run by local Rifters. Tough beneath the glowing neon sign over its entrance there is more than just place to get your neon ink. It is an important community hub for all Rifters of the district. Here is where their culture lives. Here they can meet up, no matter if they are Kror or Waver. Tattooists are important community facilitators for all Rifters, and this is where they work.

Playing a character in the tattoo studio means that you will generally have a very social play. You will know many people and many people will come to you. It also means that you run a business and will actually need to engage with players and "tattoo" them.


Culturual Appropriation, Capitalism, Two sides of a coin


  • 2095 - The Rift sweeps the planet. Two schools of research emerge “the Ether” and the “Interventionists”
  • 2097 - Chemists from “the Ether” find compounds to strengthen the connection with the Neon
  • 2098 - The first Tattooists with the new compound, arrive in Rifter communities
  • 2117 - Different Rifter cultures emerge and diversify, while the tattooists stay neutral
  • 2122 - The Tattoo studio Transference is founded in the Greylight District
  • 2132 - During the Gang War the studio tries to remain neutral
  • 2135 - The studio becomes a focal point to speak out against discrimination

Example character outlines

  • The old Tattooist, unwilling to give up their craft.
  • The artist who sees their tattoos as an artform and their customers as their canvas.
  • The only human who wants nothing more than to be a Rifter and tattoo with neon, but is forbidden from it.
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