Street Gangs


Medium Description

As part of one of the two street gangs, you’ll play those who are outside of society and live in their own dark corner of the district. Unwanted and feared by society at large, they still enact a certain attraction to a lot of the “normal” citizens of the district.

The Emerald Blade are led by Lyon Balakin, an influental Rifter who has done much to unite a lot of smaller gangs under their banner. They do it under the guise of strength through community, but many doubt that.
The Red Pack is the only other major player on the streets, responsible for most of the Smog Vape production and distribution in Greylight. Their values are focused on family and community - whether they will stand against the Emerald Blade remains to be seen.

Playing a character in the street gangs means you'll be a criminal and an outcast. Though some of them still have noble and good intentions and are only pushed their by society or their own history.
Their exclusion brings a strong community to them, and through shared experiences they have created their own street culture.


Racism, Camaraderie, Freedom


  • 2125 - Rise of the Gangs. As security forces and policing by the city became less and less and the gap between the wealthy and those with no means became unfathomably large, criminal activities and street gangs grew more and more.
  • 2126 - Founding of the “Red Pack'' by Ravin Collter and Sandri Greaves. They were a couple ruling the gang, developing drugs and street business.
  • 2132 - The Streets are on Fire. A great gang war breaks out brining intense violence onto the streets of Greylight. To push it down, Falcon Security brought in huge reinforcements and hired the Chrome Marauders to violently take the streets back in brutal slaughter. This war dealt a huge blow to the street gangs. Many were scattered and it took years for them to re-form.
  • 2135 - Lyon Balakin forms the Emerald Blade Gang and starts to take over smaller gangs and merge them into theirs.

Example character outlines

  • The young hotshot who wants to prove themself and will inevitably do something very stupid.
  • The old leader who has seen too much pain and suffering in their lifetime and wants to use their authority to convince their comrades of a peaceful future.
  • The new gang member who got in for their quick thinking and incredible strength, but often is excluded based on their past.
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