From cot to coffin: your life is Mega Corp

Medium Description

They are one of the largest mega-corporations in the world. Part of The big Seven and in control of large swathes of land all around the globe.
They are always looking to expand their territory and influence - and next on their list is greylight (as well as all the other districts in this plex.)

Playing as part of Megacorp will put you into a high-competition intrigue surrounding. Like the big kraken, they have their fingers in everything and know everything.


Power, Ambition, Intrigue


  • 2042 - Megacorp is founded, revolutionizing banking with a global networked cryptocurrency system
  • 2054 - MC’s credit system is used by the majority population globally.
  • 2093 - The New CEO Alder Fork begins a large-scale business expansion with investments into land and privatized megaplex districts.
  • 2134 - Megacorp takes over Greylight's neighboring district, leading to mass evictions and bloody protests.
  • 2136 - The Council of Athens enacts Resolution R45 to limit the amount of control corporations have over legal tenants.

Example character outlines

  • The Ascended who tries to get out of the Greylight dump to move higher up into the Seattle HQ, stopping at nothing to put the spotlight on them.
  • The one who was a nobody and worked their ass off to be in a leading position within the corp - they look down on anyone not putting in the work required.
  • The Agent in another corp, who is being blackmailed with the lives of their family to keep working for megacorp, but everything they do goes completely against their personal principles.
  • The Megacorp Employee whose consciousness was put into the body of someone working in another corporation. They have to figure out their new life while being a mole for MC.
  • The Contract Acquisition Agent who uses corporate assets to run their own shady business on the side.
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