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Medium Description

As the other Big Seven corporation in Greylight, they are in constant competition with Megacorp. However, their business is a different one - they are the world's largest manufacturer and maintainer of androids, the Greylight branch is mostly a maintenance outpost meant to fight against the awakening once it reaches the district.

Playing part of them puts you smack in the middle of all the issues regarding androids - maintenance technicians who directly work with them to supress their development, internal investigators who try to find out if someone got too attached to the subjects, etc.


Suppress Development of others, Modern Slavery, Subversion


  • 2021 - Iagatomi is founded in Kyoto, Japan with a focus on electronic appliances - Smartphones, Notebooks, Computers, Smart Devices.
  • 2082 - They release the first androids and become market leader.
  • 2131 - Iagatomi is at the centre of the Android awakening crisis.
  • 2135 - A small corporate outpost and workshop is opened in the Greylight district.
  • 2139 - Bought abandoned park from Megacorp for a new corporate building.

Example character outlines

  • Maintenance Technician who is a huge tech buff and who has recently been thinking more and more about how suppressing android awakening might be wrong.
  • Management role who has been overwritten and replaced by megacorp to serve as a mole within the corporation.
  • Security Officer who originally applied at Falcon Security but was rejected and now wants to show them what they are missing out on.
  • Internal Investigator who becomes drunk on the power they possess and start abusing it.
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