Galen Medical


Medium Description

Galen Medical is what you would call an “a-typical” corporation. Their founding principle is “Humanity”. They want to make sure to help people and never become the monsters other corporations have become.
They work in the medicine and health sector, though their biggest breakthrough is a nanite paste which greatly reduces the effects of “Cyberware rejection sickness”, which occurs especially for cheaply made Cyberware.

When being part of them, you’ll be someone who places their trust into higher ideals than themselves, you’ll be an optimist who thinks they can change the world to better. You might be a First Aid Officer, helping when the need is most dire, fulfilling emergency contracts (Customers who activate emergency distress beacons) and making sure folks get the care they need or a doctor stationed in the HQ, who helps the poor and also the rich and famous.


Altruism, Care, “Defiance against the Status Quo”


  • 2095 - Is founded as one of the first corps part of the Sina Foundation
  • 2135 - Got medical care contract for Greylight.
  • 2136 - Enters a contract with the Velar Group to build up and maintain an infrastructure to cater to Ascended.
  • 2138 - Galen develops a revolutionary nanite paste combating the effects of Cyberware Rejection sickness.
  • 2140 - Plans to start a new Polyclinic in the Greylight district start.

Example character outlines

  • Nurse who has a drug addiction and has to decide between their addiction and the client's health.
  • Doctor who knows how important keeping the paying clients happy is, but frequently has to defend that sentiment.
  • Nurse who gives out free help in their spare time to people on the street who would not be able to afford it.
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