Falcon Security

We are the law, we are the judges, we are the executors

Medium Description

By contractual obligation - they are the law here. The corporation is tasked with upholding the rules that were set by the managing authorities in the district.
These obligations have been put on them by The City to save costs, which means that the security of each person comes mostly down to how much they can pay Falcon to work on their case.
For most small cases, the patrol officers themselves are allowed to pass out the corresponding punishment - this makes the whole process a lot easier and more efficient.

Playing a character in Falcon means you’ll often be out on the streets, patrolling and making sure everyone is safe - well, at least that everyone is punished properly. Falcon always has to strive a balance: push the street too hard and they’ll push back - push it too light and they’ll erupt.


(Ab)use of Power, Belonging, Despotism


  • 2104 - Falcon Security is founded in London, UK
  • 2125 - They get a contract over the whole Megaplex, administered by the City
  • 2136 - Megacorp starts taking over some of the contracts where they buy districts that are protected by Falcon Security.

Example character outlines

  • The Rifter street cop, who tries to outrun the prejudices cast upon them and become a respected member of the Force.
  • The naive dreamer who became part of Falcon because they believed they can be a force for good, who is now confronted by the reality.
  • The detective who has done this job long enough to know that it's a give and take, that sometimes one just has to look the other way.
  • The ambitious detective who abuses their power over others and makes sure those who “wrong” them end up on the wrong side of the law.
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