Medium Description

They have been in greylight for quite some time. Their main areas of expertise are Magic- and Biotech, as well as the field of consciousness transfer.
They have been part of the local community for a long time and have their hands in everything that happens in the district.

As part of Everlife you will have to make a lot of very hard and complicated decisions - lately, business has not been running well and something needs to be done to secure the corporations future. Where will you turn?


Responsibility, Moral, The Price of Progress


  • 2130 – Everlife is founded. Logan Balakin is CEO, built around the CTD.
  • 2136 – Magical Research branch is founded.
  • 2137 - A catastrophe sets the business back, leading to heavy losses.
  • 2138 - Megacorp buys some shares in the company.

Example character outlines

  • The Assistant who thinks the corporation should focus on its roots, where ethics where still something that was considered in the day-to-day business.
  • The Researcher who wants to get behind the mysteries of magic, combining it with science and enhancing humankind.
  • The Transfer Technician who has lost their grasp on humanity and devolves into meaninglessness.
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