The citizens


Medium Description

This is one of the bigger groups in the game. The citizens play a vital part in the community and life that is happening on the streets and in the district. They are the ones that are living here, this is their home. Which makes them be the ones between the lines - the ones that the corporates can’t directly control and the ones that stand their ground against the crime happening here. They are just people that want to be left alone. But they are also people that don’t have any power whatsoever - they only have each other. Some might seek to join a powerful group to be protected, others might still believe in that ancient concept called “Freedom”.

Playing a citizen will mean that you are part of a community that is a playball of the big players - they don’t have a lot of control over their own life, and every bit of control they have has to be earned. They will have a lot of dramatic play with each other - their focus are the personal stories and relationships with the others.


Ambition, Community, Survival


  • 2081 - Through infrastructure reforms, the megaplex is divided into more manageable districts - GR-8L is created.
  • 2125 - After the State went bankrupt, the Megaplex became its own entity, and GR-8L is administred by the City - Former police work is taken over by Falcon Security.
  • 2130 - Everlife, the first corporation born from Greylight is founded.

Example character outlines

  • Restaurant owner who knows they will lose their restaurant if they can’t make the next rent.
  • The teenager who has long dreamt of the freedom the outlaws in the gangs must enjoy, who tries everything to be part of them.
  • The mage who is keeping their powers a secret from everyone, as they know it will cause troubles for their family.
  • Depressed store intern who wants something bigger in life and tries to get out of this shithole.
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