Medium Description

The BMCI (Bureau of magical cooperation and investigation) is the only provider of magical oversight in the megaplex. They are responsible to find and deal with unregistered magic and investigate unlicensed usage of magic. As an ascended-only corporation they are particularily "well loved" (if you know whats good for you).

In the Greylight district, there is no fixed BMCI outpost but rather infrequent patrols sent there if it is requred. And right now, it is definitly required.

Playing a character in the BMCI means that you will have a lot of power at your disposal (magical and legal). You will play closely together with the other investigator and will have intrigue as well as investigation play.


Success and Failure, Power Abuse, Control


  • 2092 - The first ascended, Primus is created
  • 2105 - The Velar Group is founded as one of the first Ascended-only corporations
  • 2120 - Velar builds up their magical security department, the BMCI and gets the magical oversight contract for the megaplex

Example character outlines

  • The senior magical investigator who is laser-focused on their task as the stakes are high.
  • The magical investigator who knows they can't be promoted and focuses on their ascended lifestyle persona instead.
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