Chrome Marauders MC


Medium Description

The Biker Gang own a small garage where they do vehicle and Cyberware maintenance.
A big portion of their income comes from illegal businesses - they are running a protection racket with the citizens of Greylight, where they protect them from “things that could just happen to your lovely little shop”.

In addition to that, they are notoriously racist and anti-magic, taking every excuse they can get to beat up some rifters. However, they wouldn’t do so on a gang warfare level, as they do know that they don’t stand a chance.

Internally, there is some trouble brewing as well -- the bikers are notoriously tech-sawy and so look favorably upon the awakening of androids, some even go as far as to suggest that they should become a safe haven for oppressed androids.

Playing a Biker will put a strong code at the centre of your being. You’ll be part of a war of ideologies that splits the group apart, and your means of communication are usually physically in nature.


Racism, Old vs. New, Camaraderie


  • 2129 - The Chrome Marauders MC is founded as a club for tech and vehicle enthusiasts. They open a small shop and bar in the Greylight District.
  • 2130 - The MC moves more and more into illegal (and much more profitable) business.
  • 2137 - They have become a major hub for illegal activity in the district, especially to everything pertaining hacking and tech.

Example character outlines

  • The young prospect who tries to understand the struggle within the Biker gang and will be forced to take a side to become a full member.
  • The President who knows that eventually the old way will become the destruction of the gang, but also wants to uphold the core beliefs of the bikers.
  • The mechanic, who only wants to do their work and will become a puppet of other agents that want to get eyes into the inner workings of the gang.
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